New England Farmhouse

This 1808 hand hewn Post and Beam structure has been on our list for a while now.   Due to inadequate site grading and spring activity, the foundation collapsed several times.  Repeated attempts at foundation repairs by prior owners were fruitless as they did not address the root causes of the failures. The building was condemned by the township and was vacant for years.  On the purchase by our client, the decision was made to save it.  The building was raised 8 feet, and a new foundation excavated and poured aligning the structure with the setting sun and the access road to it.  The structure was moved 20 feet at the back and 10 feet at the front laterally and laid on the new foundation.  The installation of both a foundation drain and a curtain drain ensures proper drainage .

The prep work for this entailed removing significantly damaged plaster work to bring the total weight down.  This exposed the original plank walls with stencil work and wallpaper still attached, as well as the structural work necessary to add a second story structure to the rear.   Our interior has been designed to both incorporate and showcase the history of the home, while adding the necessary modern requirements.   Check back for the interior shots later this year, they will be awesome!